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Abruzzo, we remember Paolo Borsellino and Rita Atria opening their eyes and denouncing every mafia

“Talk about the mafia. Talk about it on the radio, on television, in newspapers. But talk about it “was one of the most important warnings of Paolo Borsellino. Talk about the mafia, give names, surnames, deeds and facts. Rita Atria wrote that “before fighting the mafia you have to do a self-examination of conscience and then, after defeating the mafia inside you, you can fight the mafia that is in the circle of your friends, we are the mafia and the our wrong way of behaving “. Those “wrong” ways manufactured from silence, connivance, silence, acceptance and habit are the lifeblood, complicity and the best ally of the Mapolitic, of corruption and of the world of means animated by violence, intimidation, peddling, extortion, oppressive presence that makes harmful even just circulating in some areas of the nations, especially in some hours Don’t close your eyes however slightly open them and open them. Commit to awaken consciences and repudiate any “wrong way”. Any dedication towards the mafia and malfeasance, crime and pollution of the social material can only start from here. In 2019 there are urgent needs also in Abruzzo. And that they are an important necessity proves it – as soon as once more – the current information. And so, in this Abruzzo whose chronicle is consistently animated by inquiries and information involving clans and comparable, we need to remember them by writing and denouncing once again the mafias, their presences and their soiled trafficking and violence.

This July started with the news of the seizure, ordered in the Capital, of 120 million to the Ndrangheta. A maxi operation that additionally concerned Abruzzo, with actual property seizures in Rocca di Cambio in the province of L'Aquila. Once once more, like a number of occasions through the years (just assume that in Pizzoferrato over ten years ago properties related to “Sandokan” Schiavone have been seized, Abruzzo is likely one of the areas through which the mafias invest and recycle. Investigators have pointed out, among the traits of the legal association struck, the “pervasiveness in the economic fabric” and the “parental intercurrent bonds that greatly strengthen cohesion”. A pervasiveness that, by combining ‘ndrangheta and Abruzzo, brings back to Operation Design that in February 2017 defeated the oppressive presence of the Cupparo in Francavilla. At daybreak on February 21, 2017, a drug, put on and recycling network because of the “Ndrangheta of Reggio between Abruzzo, Lombardy, Campania and Calabria was hit. On the prime of the felony association i Cupparo, who arrived in Francavilla in 2009 the place they have been reinvesting capital of illicit origin. The proceeds of drug dealing have been then re-used in the acquisition of economic activities – in the electronic betting collection sector and in catering – and in episodes of wear and tear and tear to the detriment of small merchants and local entrepreneurs in problem. The income have been partly re-employed in entrepreneurial actions in Calabria, akin to within the motorcar trade and within the development of huge tourist villages.

The “Middle World” of Abruzzo

Parental constraints are among the strengths of clans corresponding to the primary ones in Rome and its environment, Casamonica and Spada. In current months, three books of inquiry have been revealed on the origins, the rise and the legal domination of the 2 families. Authors: Nello Trocchia, Floriana Bulfon and Federica Angeli. In the ebook “A disarmed hand” Federica Angeli denounces how the Spada are imposed with violence whereas omertà, worry and habit flourish in their presence round them. From the “horseshoe” in Pescara (of which we have already dealt abundantly in February after the assault on the RAI crew https://www.19luglio1992.com/sullaggressione-a-rancitelli-gia-sta-calando-loblio- per-labruzzo-and-more-comfortable-believing-still-all-happy-island-that-is-not / to the Vastese the chronicle brings us countless episodes, details and day by day life with the same characteristics. Violence, intimidation, peddling, extortion, oppressive presence that makes it harmful even to flow into in some areas of the nations, especially in some hours. A actuality that sees its kin as protagonists, and in constant contact, with Casamonica. In the “Ferro di Cavallo” the first week of July started with the stabbing of a Senegalese, of which a member of the Spinelli household – Valentino – was accused up to now at the middle of the crime. Final yr he violently assaulted a policeman in the emergency room and already in 2011 he was arrested on a drug dealing charge. Underneath house arrest after the stabbing, Spinelli was again arrested two days later for the capturing that led to the wounding of two Romanians. At the base of each these episodes the drug trafficking to Rancitelli.

Within the e-book “Casamonica – journey into the parallel world of the clan that conquered Rome” (in chronological order the first challenge, but the same dynamics and the same details are reported in the intense investigation by Floriana Bulfon) Nello Trocchia, along with mentioning names, details (resembling connections and having grown up in the shadow of the ex-cashier of the Magliana Nicoletti band) and inquiries, underlines a undeniable fact that refers back to the origins of Casamonica and different criminals “king of Rome”: the legal galaxy centered on the Casamonica goes beyond its thousand members and their Roman empire, starting from other “families” like Spada, Di Silvio and De Rosa. Surnames that, largely, lead again to Abruzzo. The Region, along with Molise, from which the Casamonis left for the capital. Just because the Fascians and the Tredicine originate from Abruzzo. However it isn’t just a question of origins and distant roots. In actuality it is crime news even in recent times, continually current in judicial paperwork and in the Abruzzo press. The fable of Abruzzo is a cheerful island, very wholesome with at most a number of “problems” after the earthquake (copyright among others of the final former president of the Antimafia Commission and of what must be the most important association dedicated towards the mafia in Italy), has been continually denied for at the least 20/30 years. And from the true historical past of Abruzzo and its “middle worlds”, information of usury, extortion, exploitation of prostitution, steady violence, the Casamonica associates and allies have all the time been among the major protagonists). Within the Trocchia, in addition to reporting names, details (reminiscent of connections and being raised within the shadow of the ex-cashier of the Magliana Nicoletti band) and inquiries, he underlines a incontrovertible fact that refers back to the origins of Casamonica and different criminals “king of Rome “: the criminal galaxy centered on the Casamonics goes beyond its thousand members and their Roman empire, starting from other” households “like Spada, Di Silvio and De Rosa. Surnames that, largely, lead again to Abruzzo. The Area, along with Molise, from which the Casamonis left for the capital. Simply because the Fascians and the Tredicine originate from Abruzzo. However it isn’t just a question of origins and distant roots. In actuality it’s crime news even in recent times, continually current in judicial paperwork and in the Abruzzo press. And the actual historical past of Abruzzo and its “middle worlds”, information of usury, extortion, exploitation of prostitution, continuous violence, the Casamonica affiliates and allies have all the time been among the major protagonists.

The deaths of Straccia and Neri and the potential connections with drug trafficking

Already last February we mentioned the complaints, already over a yr in the past, of Piervincenzi on the “dark womb” of Pescara and the developments on the dying of the younger Alessandro Neri. Months have passed and nothing within the “civil” society has moved. Every part passes typically indifference. A potential link between those arrested in a maxi-drug operation and the homicide of Neri emerged final November. The boy might have been killed, in response to the reconstruction made recognized, at the peak of a dispute over the non-payment of a drug recreation, of which he would have been the guarantor. His capability to enter into all types of shopping for and promoting negotiations, from auctions to automobiles, might have led individuals from local crime to take advantage of it for the sale of the sport that value him his life. Drug trafficking at the middle of a monitor additionally as a result of another homicide in recent times in Pescara, that of Roberto Straccia. Officially filed as “no murder”, a personal investigator charged by the young man's household hypothesized that he might have been killed as a result of he witnessed drug trafficking within the port of Pescara. That port that within the “Report on the activity of the police force, on the state of the order and public security and on organized crime” (http://www.senato.it/service/PDF/PDFServer/DF/328810.pdf ) referring to 2015, communicated to the President of the Senate on 4 January 2017, was defined as “the most important of Abruzzo and for its increased trade with the countries of the Western Balkans is a crucial junction for the trafficking of drugs and beings humans “- and the appeal of the entire province for” mafia associations in the reinvestment of illicitly accrued capital “. Among the criminal activities reported in the report stand out drug dealing, clandestine horse races, gambling, scams, extortion, usury, trafficking in human beings, exploitation of prostitution “even under age”, exploitation of “clandestine labor”. Proceeds of illegal actions, it’s said, “are also reinvested in the purchase of commercial and immovable properties”.

The information of lately, as pointed out initially, brings us the information of the seizure of the “Ndrangheta of 120 million. Exactly two years ago the Camorra was seized over three times. In July 2017, the Omphalos operation of the Naples prosecutor's office crushed “a recycling activity carried out essentially through real estate investments, with the complicity of bank officials and municipal administrators” which concerned the Mallardo, Puca, Aversano, Verde, Di Lauro and Amato-Pagano and which led to the seizure of an estimated 600 million belongings in numerous areas together with Abruzzo. Two months after a new seizure, all the time towards reinvestment activities of members of the Mallardo clan in Tuscany, Abruzzo, Molise and Puglia. The Mallardo clan is lively in the territory of Giugliano in Campania but one of the knowledge of the 2 investigations it strikes is that the one Area concerned in both is Abruzzo, not Campania.
In March 2018 the information emerged that the previous boss of the Camorra clan, La Montagna di Caivano, at present repentant, Carlo Oliva reconstructed the drug trafficking between Naples and Teramo in a trial towards an enormous circle of usury, extortion, robbery and peddling .

The Vastese border

Among the many Abruzzi frontiers of the penetration of the mafias there’s definitely Vasto. Starting in 2006, the yr of the Histonium operation, several investigations have struck down the try and construct genuine native thighs. There were three dominus around which these organizations have been born: first Pasqualone, then Cozzolino and lastly Ferrazzo. Felony organizations that had taken root within the territory, imposing themselves with violence and unable to arrange even actual attacks. However many other investigations have been carried out, it will in all probability take a e-book to go over them all, which through the years have crushed trafficking in medicine, extortion and usury. Final August was one of many final main teams that concerned “families” related to Casamonica, Spinelli and De Rosa, and by which (for the first time on this territory) a member of the Spada additionally appeared. Other investigations, the final one at first of this yr, involved drug trafficking routes from Puglia, typically from the Balkans, to the Vasto space. A world visitors, the one on the Albania-Puglia-Vasto directive, additionally documented by a survey by the Spanish reporter David Beriain on the Albanian felony organizations aired on channel 9 final January 23rd.

In current months, an actual environmental emergency has affected the whole territory with the seizure of the local landfill. Managed in current months by an organization linked to the entrepreneur from Foggia Bonassisa (already finished on the middle of the Pugliese and national news), and prior to now the subject of troubled occasions that might deserve in depth evaluation, the Prosecutor's Workplace of Vasto has seized the plant investigating the waste coming from other regions (Lazio, Campania and Puglia) and their high quality and management. Whereas the local “politics” amuses itself in skirmishes and requests for partial release (just for the municipalities of the territory), which doesn’t stand because it ought to be physically unimaginable to research on the waste if others arrive within the meantime, after two years earlier than the yr Just lately we also had a fireplace. The unintentional nature is practically unimaginable, it appears as a “disturbing mafia-style signal”. In an already critical and disturbing story first. And from an industrial port not removed from this territory in 2014 a load of ecoballe left, rejected by Romania, which induced a sensation in the Romanian press which for weeks titled the Italian “ship of poisons”.

The dismissal of Decide La Rana for his uncomfortable investigations

However Vasto was also the town of another episode, disturbing on sure elements and virtually unknown on a national degree. Originally of the 2000s, decide La Rana was pressured to go away the town in the sights of a mud campaign and de-legitimization after some of his investigations had reached high native political ranges. A marketing campaign started, the Chieti GIP reported, from a “real war expedition, premeditated, organized and studied in detail”. An expedition with an actual dossier in the middle, filled with false accusations, with which it was the thing of a number of complaints in 2003. All over time they proved unfounded. However meanwhile the target had been reached: muddied and faraway from Vasto the decide La Rana couldn’t continue his investigations. In 2011, after the news in an area newspaper, in actuality groundless, that the decide La Rana might return to Vasto, he was delivered a 9-gauge parabellum bullet and a letter with the message “are you sure you want to go back to Vasto?” Think twice”.

The arrival and keep of the scion of the Riina household

That is the territory where, a yr and a half ago, the third born of Totò Riina, Giuseppe Salvatore referred to as Salvo. The writer of the guide on his household, the place his father Totò was praised, additionally introduced at Porta a Porta. Already sentenced prior to now to eight years for mafia affiliation, Salvo Riina was subjected to restrictive measures in Padua. After his affiliation with local sellers had been ascertained, Salvo Riina was sent to the Casa Lavoro in Vasto in autumn 2017. From where he handed to serve his remaining sentence on a social farm in close by Casalbordino. He returned free final Might, when the Courtroom of Pescara revoked the restrictive measures. His assiduous social exercise, the place he regularly continues to publicize his e-book, to spend words of gratitude and satisfaction for his father Totò his household and other activities that make them, to say the least, perplexing, has aroused past us solely one other outlet of position. On the part of the Civil Action he careworn when “in 2001, passing the highway at Capaci, he said” We’re nonetheless hanging (hanging, ed) the wreaths of flowers to 'stu cosu (to this thing, ed) … “, words that he never denied. Just as he has never publicly distanced himself from his family of origin, or even collaborated with the judiciary, while on social media and in released interviews he has never stopped “telling what he continues to call a good father”. On June 19, his identify returned to the judicial chronicles, though (at the time this text was written), for the document, it have to be reported that he didn’t look like the recipient of any judicial authority. As a part of the “Siege” operation, carried out by the Carabinieri of Agrigento, Angelo Occhipinti was arrested, indicated as the brand new head of the Licata family. Intercepted by the investigators, during a “meeting” in a warehouse final July, Occhipinti affirms – referring to Riina Jr – that “that is a boy that we all scuppeliamo” (in entrance of that boy we all take off our hat). It’s the response to one of the summoned to the meeting, Massimo Tilocca who was imprisoned from December 2017 to Might 2018 in the Casa Lavoro of Vasto. Tilocca, in accordance with what emerged, had simply reported that – in the interval spent in Vasto – he would have acquired a pizzino from Salvo Riina with the order, once launched from prison, to “stucco” (or remove) a licatese, such Vincenzo Sorprendente. In making it recognized, on the sidelines of the “Siege” operation, the investigators pointed out that the investigations are nonetheless ongoing on this specific affair and subsequently nothing might be formally confirmed or denied.

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