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Paradigm Premier 200B Speaker Review

The Paradigm Premier 200B is a current entrant within the crowded subject of $1000-ish loudspeakers designed for house listening.

Paradigm is a well-respected speaker producer from Canada, they usually have emphasised worth together with rigorous scientific testing and design to ship wonderful audio system at quite a lot of worth ranges.

The Premier 200B speakers are designed for use on a stand, and in my two listening environments they did very properly, and in all instances sounded considerably higher than their small measurement would lead you to anticipate. I discovered the Premier 200B audio system to sound wonderful towards speakers of their tough worth range. The MDF case is resonance free. The tweeter is a wide dispersion driver with very musical traits, and the ducted port midrange/woofer design, whereas only a 6 half inch diameter, put out some clean bass. Although for critical listening, I favored the speakers better with an added subwoofer, they did maintain their own when depending on their very own built-in drivers.


Paradigm Premier 200B Speaker

  • A large sound subject that tasks properly past their bodily boundaries
  • Resonance-free case
  • Silky excessive frequencies and good punch to percussion
  • Good low bass, but I feel many listeners will need to supplement the sound with a subwoofer
  • Concise setup guide included
  • Detachable grille with a intelligent magnetic design

Paradigm has been crafting wonderful high quality audio system just like the Premier 200B since 1982 from their plant simply outdoors Toronto. The company prides itself on designing customized elements that have undergone a good deal of scientific testing, and to reinforce their very own employees, Paradigm has tapped sensible college audio researchers and the detailed scientific findings from audio studies carried out by the National Analysis Council of Canada. The company maintains its personal anechoic chamber for testing and design, the most important in North America.

Paradigm Speaker



2-driver, 2-way bass reflex bookshelf


±3dB from 68 Hz – 25 kHz


1” (25mm) X-PAL™ dome, ferro-fluid damped/cooled, Perforated Part-Aligning Tweeter (PPA™) Lens


6-1/2” (165mm) ART™ Surround with Carbon-Infused polypropylene cone. Perforated Part-Aligning (PPA™) Lens


90 dB / 87 dB


Suitable with eight ohms


Gloss Black, Gloss White, Espresso Grain


18 lbs. (8.17 kg)


13.25″ × 7.875 × 12.375″ (33.5cm × 19.eight × 32.1cm)


45 Hz (DIN)


2nd-order electro-acoustic at 2.0 kHz (tweeter/mid)


±3dB from 68 Hz – 20 kHz


15 – 130 watts


80 watts


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The design of the Premier 200B shouldn’t be that totally different from different bookshelf audio system, and like many bookshelf audio system, to sound their greatest they aren’t really designed to be set on a bookshelf. The ducted port design would require placement that lets the rear port hearth towards a wall, and the audio system are greatest positioned on stands at the least a foot or two from a back wall. Similarly, the excessive frequency driver wants some area to distribute high frequencies evenly throughout a room. It’s not that you may not place these speakers on bookshelves. It just that you wouldn’t need to do this otherwise you’ll be compromising the sound.

There are some unique design options of the drivers, and they’re value mentioning. The Premier 200B speakers have a patented Perforated Part-Aligning (PPA™) Tweeter and Midrange Lens know-how. There’s a distinctive perforated lens in front of the tweeter and midrange drivers which Paradigm claims will increase and smooths output without coloring the sound, while also protecting the drivers from getting damaged.

Paradigm Speaker Closeup

Paradigm additionally notes what they name Lively Ridge Know-how (ART™) Surrounds. The Premier 200B options this patented encompass design, made in-house and molded immediately onto each woofer and midrange cone. This design, Paradigm claims, achieves larger excursion, for a 3dB achieve in output and 50% discount in distortion. Crafted from injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer, Paradigm states that ART surrounds are extra sturdy and extra dependable.

Premier 200B Closeup

The speakers are hefty, weighing 18 kilos apiece. Whenever you knock on the aspect of the cupboards they’re inert, something you need in a speaker to battle resonances and buzzing from vibrating elements. You should use the audio system with the offered grille, or depart them off. They connect magnetically, which I feel is the popular method to mount them, moderately than snaps or different fasteners that all the time appear to break off. Through the years I’ve had multiple set of speaker grills break their flimsy mounting hardware. That just can’t happen with the Premier 200Bs.

Set Up

The audio system arrived in two packing containers. They have been very nicely packed and sealed, and sitting in molded Styrofoam carriers to guard them. The Styrofoam is efficient protection from delivery injury because the items are fairly deep. Even a punctured delivery box is unlikely to wreck the speakers inside. The speaker grilles are packed separately. Underneath the packing is a setup guide.

Since these usually are not amplified audio system they are straightforward to arrange. There have nicely constructed binding posts, which accept banana plugs or naked wire. The connections are rigid. The general development is of the very best high quality, they usually mix unobtrusively into any room. They arrive in three finishes, Gloss Black, Gloss White, and Espresso Grain. You’ll need to put them on stands, which is an added expense, or they may work on the ends of your present gear cabinet.

Premier 200B Plugins

The remainder of the setup comes right down to putting them on strong speaker stands, or on both end of an extended, roughly ear peak cabinet. As I discussed earlier than, they need to be out from the rear wall, and a few experimenting will get you a great position for one of the best sound.

In Use

Premier 200B Stand alone

I favored these speakers. I listened in two rooms, together with a average sized front room, driven by an Emotive XPA-2 (250 watts into 8 ohms) which is overkill for the Paradigm speakers, nevertheless it’s what I had available.

The sound was full and the frequency response appeared fairly flat, with a slight bump in the midrange. That works properly for vocalists, however it’s less fascinating for purely instrumental music like classical symphonies. However, acoustic music (people, rock) sounded quite good. Transient response was wonderful, which confirmed itself nicely with plucked strings and all manner of percussion instruments. At the end of the day, the room was somewhat giant for these speakers which often host my Magnepan planar audio system.

Shifting to a moderately sized bedroom improved the sound considerably. Pushed by a Denon Receiver (AVR S640H, 75 watts into eight ohms), the Premier 200B audio system performed loudly with out strain. I might nonetheless hear a slight midrange forwardness, but the audio system by no means seemed like they have been on the edge of their performance envelope. Bass was strong for such a speaker, and I might hear helpful output right down to about 50 Hz. The bass appeared deeper than the 50 Hz number, maybe the nook placement of the audio system helping a bit, but with all types of music, the speaker by no means sounded flabby or missing in bass with the traditional run of music.

For a time, I listened to music adding a Klipsch subwoofer (R10SWi) which for some organ music and a few rock made an considerable distinction. In any other case, the Premier 200Bs acquitted themselves nicely without the additional bass augmentation. I also tested the Paradigms with the removable grilles on and off however heard no difference. That selection will come right down to a matter of the visible quite than the technical.

Listed here are some of my listening decisions:


High Definition Tape Transfers “An Immersive Sound Spectacular”

An Immersive Sound Spectacular from Excessive Definition Tape Transfers. This can be a nice check disc with classical organ and orchestra. It’s a Blu-ray audio disc with 5.zero tracks, however I listened to the 2.zero model so no different audio system have been a part of the equation. That is one in every of my exams discs that did benefit from a subwoofer, however the sound was good letting the Paradigm speakers play on their own.

The Raven

Rebecca Pidgeon “The Raven”

My go-to disc for vocals and acoustic devices. It’s a terrific recording and the marginally ahead stability of the Premier 200B speakers gave a pleasant present to Ms. Pidgeon’s vocals.


M83 “Oblivion”

Soundtrack to a forgettable Tom Cruise film, but the efficiency and the recording of the music are fairly good with low bass and tingly highs. The Paradigm audio system sounded really good, projecting a sound subject wider than the bodily measurement of the enclosures. I sensed very precise imaging on these tracks.

El Greco

Vangelis “El Greco”

More electronic music, with some deep bass. I assumed the Premier 200B speakers did high quality with no subwoofer in my smaller room. Whenever you cranked up the audio system nothing sounded strained. The speakers delivered just full-bodied music.

Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra

San Francisco Symphony “Concerto for Organ with Percussion Orchestra”

This disc checks it all… an organ that the music takes really deep, and a percussion orchestra. It’s a torture check for any audio system, yet the Paradigm speakers sounded lifelike and unstrained even working the extremes of the audio spectrum. The percussion had actual snap and the challenging dynamic vary was nicely reproduced. With the subwoofer on, bass went even deeper, but with out it, the Premier 200B speakers did a high-quality job.


I didn’t find any negatives to those superb little performers. I additionally know of no speaker on this worth bracket that may be a higher performer.


  • High-quality development – strong cabinets freed from resonances
  • Wonderful, very musical drivers
  • Flat frequency response
  • More bass than one would anticipate in this measurement and worth range

Would Like To See

  • Matching subwoofer in a package deal for these whose music requires the deepest bass

No small enclosed speaker goes to equal a high-quality flooring stander a big flat panel speaker. Still, it’s clear the Paradigm Premier 200B speakers punch quite a bit above their weight. When arrange correctly, the audio system give a very convincing three-dimensional illusion, the place the speakers vanish as point sources and as an alternative create a strong wall of sound between the two audio system. To a level, this wants a well-produced recording, but I have loads of that available and I found the audio system to have a secure and practical presentation, whether it was symphonic music, acoustic, or onerous rock with digital instruments In my listening expertise, the closest speaker in quality to them are the KEF LS50 audio system. The KEFs value virtually 1/3 extra, and I might say have a more extended high-end. For important listening, each speaker units need a subwoofer to deliver the deepest bass. I’m stunned Paradigm does not supply a package deal with the Premier 200B speakers and one among their inexpensive subs, like the Defiance v10 ($549) or the Defiance v8 ($399). Both choice would appear like a worthy providing and a superb match for the Premier 200B speakers.

In summary, the Premier 200B audio system labored with a strong high-end amp, and a lower powered amp in a receiver. The audio system all the time sounded clean, with good bass extension and crisp, clear high frequencies. As said, I did discover a slight mid-range bump, but that serves some varieties of music properly and didn’t injury giant scale instrumental works. If your gear permits some room tuning or some types of equalization, then the difficulty vanishes.