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PS4 Slim SSD Upgrade – Things You Must Know

Strong state drives (SSD) have turn out to be extremely popular in the previous few years for the excessive velocity they provide that can grow to be as much as 8x quicker than a daily onerous disk drive (HDD) and the consistent reliability the high-end SSDs boast of to the extent that they are now shipped with a 10-year restricted guarantee, which is too much within the digital area.

Now with PS4 Slim allowing the interior onerous drive swap, an SSD alternative could be a superb choice for some users who need the utmost attainable velocity out of their PS4 Slim gaming console.

It’s value to state that there have been many arguments on whether or not it’s value to equip PS4 Slim with an SSD or not, allowing for the comparatively unreasonable worth for a tool that’s used merely for storage purposes compared to its sibling—the exhausting disk drive (HDD).

We don’t deny that SSDs will enhance the general efficiency of your PS4 Slim console, but in line with our personal analysis, we don’t advocate them for PS4 Slim, mainly because of their high worth—it’s the large concern.

But when you nonetheless need to really feel a bit superior to your buddies, and cash is your final concern, then an SSD cannot be a improper selection.

Under we listing the perfect advised 1TB and 2TB SSD for PS4 Slim from which you’ll be able to choose what you are feeling is true in your wants.

What SSD Do We Advocate for PS4 Slim?

I’m making this section because there are nonetheless some individuals want an SSD for their PS4 Slim despite every thing else stated, and for this class of customers this part is made where we advocate SSDs that we contemplate to be the perfect match for PS4 Slim.

Observe that as a result of SSDs are expensive and a drive lower than 1TB is just too small for PS4 Slim, solely 1TB/2TB SSDs are listed under.

Our criteria for choosing these drives are:

  1. We ensure the drive shouldn’t be lower than 1TB of storage capacity
  2. It should have a user-rating not less than four.5
  3. It’s designed by a outstanding SSD manufacturer that has a high popularity out there
  4. It comes with an sufficient worth that’s not thought-about too costly. This impels us to choosing drives from mainstream area, and we strongly dissuade from going with a premium SSD in your PS4 Slim.

Notice: The merchandise prices are as of 03-Might-2016 at 03:29 GMT –

Abstract in Factors—Is SSD Value it for PS4 Slim?

Let’s boil down your complete research in a couple of factors listed under. Simply keep in mind that should you need extra details on a selected level you’ll find them within this analysis in the corresponding part.

  • An SSD will only improve the velocity of PS4 Slim by a price between 30% to 40% as has been already reported. It’s simply NOT the identical case with pc techniques that may really feel big distinction (as much as 5x quicker in the general efficiency) as soon as an SSD is added to them.
  • SSDs are far more costly than HDDs (greater than 5x the worth of a daily HDD) and PS4 Slim won’t achieve a lot from an SSD on account of its limitations. So do you assume this small improve in velocity is value it for that unreasonable worth?
  • An SSD in PS4 Slim will shine principally in online gaming area given that your friends additionally use an SSD, or should you typically install/uninstall many video games inside the week, otherwise you wish to launch multiple games on the similar time and change between them, or you typically switch big information from/to your PS4 Slim. That’s as a result of SSDs are very robust in handling multitasking operations and have much larger writing velocity than exhausting drives. So in case you’re considered one of these guys, then go together with an SSD in case you can afford the worth.
  • We consider that a good 2TB inner onerous drive for PS4 Slim for the overwhelming majority of PS4 Slim users is what they need to search for at this stage because the velocity of mechanical arduous drives inside the PS4 Slim console is satisfactory and not too dangerous, and the large difficulty with them is the small capability. So contemplate here enhancing the capacity as an alternative of velocity. Or you’ll be able to maintain your present stock drive and go together with a USB 3.0 external exhausting drive on your PS4 Slim in case you are involved concerning the capability.

SSD as a Potential PS4 Slim Storage Upgrade

Buying a tough drive for PS4 Slim could be very simple, particularly the place there’re no many choices obtainable as a result of the 2.5-inch arduous drive business is nearly suspended from improvement after the arrival of strong state drives (SSD) which have confirmed higher effectivity and reliability in cellular units. You can read more on that in our PS4 Slim Inner Onerous Drive Information.

But does that mean it’s value to swap the PS4 Slim stock arduous drive for an SSD? Will that have the identical effects/advantages as it is with pc methods? These questions require deep contemplation earlier than making any determination on this regard, and we’ll attempt, at our greatest, to answer these questions sufficiently.

Into the World of Strong State Drives

Before we delve into discussing whether an SSD is sweet for PS4 Slim or not, and what SSDs we advocate, we might quite take you thru a quick primer on the world of SSDs in an effort to enlighten you extra on this matter so as to develop into clearly aware of what fits your needs greatest. That’s as a result of all kinds of PS4 Slim customers don’t find out about SSDs anything however that they are magnitudes quicker than conventional onerous drives (HDD), they usually suppose consequently that PS4 Slim would run so much quicker with an SSD than its present velocity, however that’s more an phantasm than a reality, and that’s for several causes that might be addressed later on this article.

Let’s begin first by figuring out what an SSD is, and the way it works and differs from the normal onerous drive like that found inside the PS4 Slim box.

What’s an SSD and How Does It Work

A solid-state drive (aka SSD) is a storage gadget that’s meant to deal with the same functionality of exhausting disk drives (HDD), but in a a lot larger velocity with decreased energy consumption and decrease failure fee. It’s important objective is to develop into a everlasting knowledge storage much the same job functionally (e.g., saving your knowledge while the system is off, booting your system, and so forth.) as an HDD.

In contrast to mechanical onerous drives, SSDs don’t employ any shifting/mechanical part of their architecture, fairly they mix NAND flash reminiscence blocks collectively and the info transmission occurs among them electronically by way of microscopic transistors, and as an alternative of a magnetic coating on prime of platters, the info is saved on interconnected flash reminiscence chips that retain the info even when there’s no power present, and this is the key secret behind their power that makes them a lot quicker, more dependable and eat less electrical power. You’re in all probability acquainted with USB reminiscence sticks – SSD could be regarded as an oversized and more refined version of the standard USB reminiscence stick. Like a memory stick, there are not any shifting elements to an SSD. Relatively, info is stored in microchips.

How can this then give SSDs all their traits of which they boast? Properly, as an analogy, what’s faster and requires much less power? Having to stroll throughout the room to retrieve a ebook to get info or simply magically having that ebook open in entrance of you whenever you need it? That’s how an HDD compares to an SSD; it merely requires extra physical labor (mechanical motion) to get info.

The Robust Sides of SSDs

When manifesting some great benefits of SSD, we have to put it as compared with one other sort of storage system that’s made to carry out the identical objective, and that’s the mechanical arduous disk drive (HDD).

In all probability you’ve already realized the main advantages of solid-state drives whereas studying via the strains, however let’s put things down right in a desk:

Stands forExhausting Disk Drive (HDD)Strong State Drive (SSD)
VelocityHDD has larger latency, longer read/write occasions, and supports fewer IOPs (input output operations per second) in comparison with SSD.SSD has lower latency, quicker read/writes, and helps extra IOPs (input output operations per second) compared to HDD.
Heat, Electrical energy, NoiseExhausting disk drives use more electricity to rotate the platters, generating heat and noise.Since no such rotation is required in strong state drives, they use less power and do not generate heat or noise.
Reliability and Failure FeeWhen comparing trendy shopper SSDs with enterprise onerous drives, the SSD wins the match when it comes to reliability for having means much less failure price than HDDs. The ratio is one thing round 7:1 in favor of SSD.Because of the a lot low failure price, trendy SSDs are shipped with no less than 5-year restricted warranty for mainstream-grade units, and 10 years for enthusiast-grade. This means how reliable SSDs have turn out to be.
DefragmentationThe performance of HDD drives worsens because of fragmentation; subsequently, they must be periodically defragmented.SSD drive efficiency shouldn’t be impacted by fragmentation. So defragmentation just isn’t crucial.
ElementsHDD incorporates shifting elements – a motor-driven spindle that holds one or more flat round disks (referred to as platters) coated with a skinny layer of magnetic material. Read-and-write heads are positioned on prime of the disks; all this is encased in a metallic casSSD has no shifting elements; it is primarily a memory chip. It is interconnected, built-in circuits (ICs) with an interface connector. There are three primary elements – controller, cache and capacitor.
WarrantyThe longest guarantee term given to a mechanical onerous drive is 5 years for the enterprise area.Trendy mainstream SSDs at the moment are shipped with a 5 yr guarantee and a 10-year for lovers.
WeightHDDs are heavier than SSD drives.SSD drives are lighter than HDD drives because they do not have the rotating disks, spindle and motor.
Coping with vibrationThe shifting elements of HDDs make them prone to crashes and injury as a result of vibration.SSD drives can stand up to vibration as much as 2000Hz, which is far more than HDD.

The Drawbacks of SSDs

SSD drawbacks in PS4 Slim SystemsUntil lately, as Samsung released its 16TB enterprise SSD and 4TB shopper SSD, strong state drives was criticized for their limited capability that didn’t cross the 1TB restrict for nearly 2 years, in contrast to mechanical onerous drives that, at the moment, have been out there in as much as 8TB of storage capability.

However in the midst of 2015 Samsung broke this barrier by releasing the first 2TB shopper SSD within the 2.5-inch type issue, then at first of this yr (2016) released a 4TB SSD of the identical consumer-grade mannequin line/collection.

So if we think about the limited capacity problem resolved, the difficulty of excessive worth continues to be present. So as to imagine how costly SSDs are, the worth of a 1TB SSD costs at present, as of the time of writing, more than $350 on on-line retail store, whereas the identical capacity of two.5-inch arduous drive costs barely $80 or even much less. That’s quite an enormous difference.

Now assume deeply about it. Is it value to spend as much as the worth of PS4 Slim console itself just for a storage upgrade that gained’t present more than 40% enchancment of velocity? All the choice is yours ultimately.

PS4 Slim Velocity Limitations

the limtation of PS4 Slim concerning speed improvementPS4 Slim system is designed to correspond with the requirements specified by Sony for that exact era of gaming consoles. These standards pose a limitation that a consumer can’t break/cross in regular conditions (Examine the PS4 Slim Specs Page). Some elements of this limitation are:

  • You can’t improve your PS4 Slim exhausting drive to more than 2TB with no problem. Yes, there are already some customers who revealed their expertise on upgrading the interior arduous drive of PS4 Slim to a 5TB and even 6TB, but they confronted main issues and errors with PS4 Slim working system. Plus, the most important 2.5-inch arduous drive that fits into PS4 Slim field comes into 2TB only. [Check our article: 4TB Internal Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Upgrade for PS4 Slim for more elaboration.]
  • Although PS4 Slim improvement workforce declines to provide a clear reply on whether or not PS4 Slim incorporates SATA-II or SATA-III interface, many customers reported, in response to their personal testing and experimenting, that PS4 Slim bus velocity is approach slower than that provided by SATA-III interface, even after employing an SSD interfaced with SATA-III of their experiments. This leads us to deduce that PS4 Slim incorporates SATA II which consequently will immensely prohibit the potential of any quick storage system designed for SATA-III.
  • PS4 Slim system won’t permit any upgrade aside from the arduous drive. Meaning you can’t exchange the processor or improve the RAM measurement and even change the working system. This provides private computer systems more credit over PS4 Slim in this matter.


Strong-state drives (SSD) are nice, they usually supply legendary efficiency increase to pc methods outfitted with these flash-based monsters. But that doesn’t essentially mean that SSDs may also perform on the same degree of performance/velocity when included into PS4 Slim.

What you must know is that upgrading PS4 Slim console beyond its requirements is more a dream than a reality, as a result of even when the hardware specs permit it, the PS4 Slim operating system has but to handle the new hardware configuration based on its guidelines, and that is where the core drawback is.


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