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PS4 SSHD Upgrade – The Best Options

PS4 SSHD Guide

Strong State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) has been acknowledged, since its first release in 2010, as probably the most viable various to the normal mechanical onerous drive (HDD), by featuring a super compromise between velocity, capability and worth, making itself the primary selection of every PS4 consumer who seems forward to upgrade the inventory arduous drive so as to realize extra space for storing and higher performance for his or her recreation console.

Undoubtedly, the PS4 stock exhausting drive is an out of date, sluggish, and ineffective drive for critical gaming, and upgrading it to a greater drive is inevitable for each consumer who cares about enhancing their gaming experience. With an SSHD, you possibly can profit from the excessive velocity of SSD alongside the capacious space for storing of HDD. All of that for an reasonably priced worth, that’s little costlier than a mere traditional HDD (From $5 to $10 worth distinction).

Moreover, the excellent news is that each one PS4 fashions can employ an SSHD as a primary storage gadget instead of the stock drive. So, whether you own the base PS4, PS4 Slim or PS4 Professional, the improve process is strictly the same.

Best SSHD for PS4

It’s a incontrovertible fact that there aren’t many SSHD brands out there, and even the SSHD models of the same brand are rare. So, don’t marvel for those who don’t find many hybrid drives to advocate right here, as their availability is restricted.

Moreover, we’ll only advocate 2.5-inch SSHDs that instantly fit into PS4 drive cage. We don’t embrace in our listing any three.5-inch drive, that’s principally designed for desktop computer systems.

Furthermore, although the PS4-compatible SSHDs are available three out there storage capacities, starting from 500gb to 2tb, we’ll solely advocate 1tb and 2tb, as we consider that 500gb of storage capacity is just too restricted to satisfy the fashionable storage necessities of a mean PS4 consumer, not to mention lovers.

Observe that with a 2tb SSHD you’ll get around 1.77gb of usable space for storing.

PS4 2tb SSHD

The 2tb storage capacity is probably the most advisable for every critical PS4 customers, on account of the truth that top-notch games are coming now in big file measurement that may simply exceed 80gb for a single recreation. That’s regardless the UHD films you need to retailer on the interior storage gadget which will definitely minimize down on the usable space for storing.

Under, solely Seagate SSHDs are listed, because Seagate is the only SSHD model out there in 2tb.

Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 2TB

Look nowhere else when you’re critical about enhancing your gaming experience with PS4. With Seagate Firecuda 2tb Gaming SSHD [ST2000LX001], you’ll get a 2tb of HDD space for storing, 8gb of SSD storage on the 2nd tier caching, and 128mb cache buffer as 1st tier caching, making this drive the perfect non-SSD 2.5-inch onerous drive ever in history. (Learn elaborated evaluation here)

Alternatively, you’ll be able to go for an entire PS4 SSHD improve package that includes every part it’s essential to fulfill the upgrade course of the best method.

That’s all for the 2tb PS4 SSHD section. There’s no extra merchandise to add, because Seagate Firecuda 2tb SSHD is the one 2tb SSHD in 2.5-inch type factor out there.

PS4 1tb SSHD

The 1tb SSHD storage capability comes next in reputation after the 2tb. It’s a sensible choice for customers who consider they don’t want greater than 1tb of space for storing for his or her gaming purposes, and concurrently need to enhance the performance of their recreation console.

Notice that with a 1tb SSHD you’ll get around 861gb of usable space for storing.

Seagate FireCuda Gaming SSHD 1TB

This is identical SSHD mannequin because the one listed above, but with 1tb of storage capacity. Once more, you’ll get a multi-tier caching system—128mb buffer cache on the primary tier, and 8gb SSD on the second tier. The drive spins at 5400RPM, and is configured with SATA III interface. It’s the fastest non-SSD arduous drive you’ll be able to upgrade your PS4 with (Learn elaborated assessment right here)

Alternatively, you’ll be able to go for an entire PS4 SSHD upgrade package that features every part that you must fulfill the improve course of the proper method.

You’ll be able to go for older fashions if you wish, but we don’t advocate that, as you’ll solely save a number of dollars and lose the new technical implementations within the latest mannequin.

Seagate Laptop computer SSHD 1TB

The excellent news right here is that there’s another 1tb SSHD various provided by Western Digital, in case you don’t like Seagate brand.


That’s it. You’ll not discover another 2.5-inch SSHD out there that fits for PS4 inner storage upgrade.

Why Upgrade PS4 HDD to SSHD

For those who get to know the advantages of upgrading PS4 arduous drive to an SSHD, you’ll understand why it has been picked by many specialists as the perfect inner storage upgrade for PS4.

Under, we’ll tackle the primary benefits and drawbacks of replacing PS4 inner exhausting drive with an SSHD.

The Advantages

As for the advantages, they’re:

  • Remarkably enhancing system performance. Your PS4 will boot up quicker, and games and films will take much less time to completely load. It’s value to note here that some previous video games that haven’t o been updated since more than 6 months, gained’t have massive performance improvement. That’s because these games have been coded with the PS4 stock onerous drive in mind and based mostly on the previous releases of PS4 system software program. Subsequently, if the sport didn’t update to evolve to the brand new standards, it gained’t profit a lot from an SSHD. But like what’s stated, just a few (not all) games bear this drawback.
  • Strong Reliability with out barely any error. In case you get to read the complaints of many PS4 users of the errors/failures the PS4 inventory arduous drive generated after few months of heavyweight enjoying, you’ll simply understand that the stock onerous drive is an affordable, worthless drive (examine that here). But with a contemporary drive, especially Seagate Firecuda SSHD, that implements the newest storage applied sciences, to offer the absolute best performance out of a mechanical storage system, the errors/failures shall be very rare in your life, especially with the 5-year warranty Seagate is giving on its Firecuda SSHD.
  • Capacious space for storing. In the event you opt for a 2tb SSHD, you’ll get an enormous area to install and play many AAA-grade video games that are available big file measurement. It will drastically profit players who share their PS4 with different individuals (e.g. relations).
  • Compared to an exterior storage add-on, upgrading to an SSHD presents the same advantages of replacing PS4 inner HDD with a contemporary drive (read more here).

These are all the key benefits of upgrading PS4 onerous drive with an SSHD we might take into consideration.

The Disadvantages

As for the disadvantages of using an SSHD with PS4, they’re:

  • Not all games will considerably benefit from SSHD. Especially those that have not been up to date to evolve to the brand new standards of recent storage units and the new features of PS4 system software.
  • An SSHD can solely be used as an inner onerous drive, and there’s no probability to profit from its multi-tier caching system as an external storage system. This means you’ll have to exchange the inventory onerous drive of PS4, and undergo the backup and restore process, alongside installing the PS4 system software program from scratch. All of that may take up to 2 hours and never everybody has the endurance for it.
  • To ensure that an SSHD to unleash the facility of its multi-tier caching system to enhance the efficiency of PS4, it’s essential run a selected software/recreation a minimum of 5 occasions in order for the SSHD to study that it’s a frequently-used software program so as to add it to its reminiscence for a quicker load subsequent time. Otherwise, it is going to perform identical to a mere mechanical exhausting drive.
  • An SSHD is costlier than a daily exhausting drive, and which may not please some customers.
  • Although an SSHD provides a a lot better efficiency than a standard onerous drive, its SSD caching method can’t take that performance to the level of SSDs.

For those who contemplate on these disadvantages, you’ll discover out that they are indeed minor and don’t have an actual worth if compared with the benefits.

You’ll be able to read extra about the most effective methods to improve PS4 inner onerous drive on this article if you wish to find more choices for this function.

Upgrading PS4 HDD to SSHD

Upgrading the interior arduous drive of PS4 or PS4 Pro to an SSHD is super straightforward. You just have to ensure you have the fitting gear in hand, and punctiliously comply with the few improve instructions.

You don’t have to be knowledgeable or perhaps a savvy to fulfil the upgrade process the appropriate approach. So, relaxation assured.

In case you’re not going to get full PS4 SSHD improve package that has the whole lot you need for improve, simply be sure to have the following ready with you:

Now, comply with the instructions illustrated within the video under, and also you’ll be effective on a regular basis.

Quick Primer to SSHD World

Earlier than deciding whether a hybrid arduous drive (SSHD) is an effective PS4 storage answer for you or not, you want to educate your self first about it and the way it works in an effort to understand why it surpasses the efficiency of traditional arduous drives, and why a critical gamer who is worried about performance should undoubtedly think about it for their PS4.

The concept of Strong State Hybrid Drive (SSHD)

Strong State Drives (SSD) are magnitudes quicker than Arduous Disk Drives (HDD), whereas HDDs are method larger in area than SSDs. It might be an excellent concept if there exists a single drive designed to be a compromise between these two technologies collectively and gives the perfect of their features for an reasonably priced worth to the plenty.

This persistent need for such an answer triggered the mind of storage system manufacturers to innovate what they referred to as: Strong State Hybrid Arduous Drive (SSHD).

SSHD from insideIn a nutshell, Strong State Hybrid Drive (SSHD) features the mixture of Arduous Disk Drive (HDD) and Strong State Drive (SSD) into one type issue (i.e. you get a single drive structured with these two storage applied sciences altogether).

The main idea behind this pattern of design is to leverage the excessive velocity of SSD and the huge capacity of HDD simultaneously while preserving the drive at a relatively low value.

How does SSHD work?

SSHD know-how works through the use of a relatively small amount of high-performance NAND flash strong state reminiscence to store probably the most incessantly used knowledge. This is the SSD portion of the drive, sometimes round 8GB in measurement, which means information may be accessed far quicker than HDD.

The rest of the SSHD is made up of traditional HDD storage, often 1TB and above, to hold the majority of your lesser used information. This might be something from games to video music and paperwork.

Since a mean pc workload accesses a comparatively small portion of the whole knowledge stored, most ceaselessly used knowledge wanted by the host pc might be situated within the strong state reminiscence when requested.

When that is the case, system performance improves as a result of there’s much less time spent finding, reading and delivering knowledge to the computer.

It’s all about caching NOT performance

SSD portion of SSHD that behaves like a cache memorySSHD is designed to “learn” the consumer’s conduct on the system and accordingly determine the frequently-used information as a way to store them later in the SSD portion of the storage gadget.

Meaning, in other words, the preliminary launch of a specific software gained’t benefit from any efficiency benefits the included SSD presents until it’s launched a number of occasions to the extent that the SSHD’s built-in management software learns that it’s a frequently-used software then shops it on the SSD portion to make it prepared for the subsequent launch with a a lot greater velocity.

This concept is just like that of RAM memory, besides that RAM is a short lived cache reminiscence, which is drained off solely once the system is shut down, whereas the SSD cache on SSHD is everlasting till the built-in administration software learns that a specific saved software is not any more incessantly used.

Now you possibly can higher think about how PS4 operating system will profit from SSHD. Read extra under to get a clearer view on this matter.


For those who take a look at the specs of recent SSHDs, and the way they are designed to handle excessive switch rates, you’ll easily get to know that PS4 Pro will profit from it probably the most, particularly after the wide-range help Sony confirmed to PS4 Professional in the newest system software replace, just like the “Boost Mode” function that may solely be used on PS4 Professional.

Whenever you bear in mind that PS4 Pro has a more highly effective CPU, and its motherboard help SATA III commonplace, it’s straightforward then to think about how an SSHD will carry out in that skilled platform.

Our readers know that we contemplate strong state drives (SSD) the most effective storage answer for PS4 Professional, when it comes to performance, as we said it several occasions, specifically in this article. However the main disadvantage with SSD is its worth, and an SSHD options an amazing compromise between SSD and HDD.


We’ve got stated it many occasions now, and we maintain repeating it: an SSHD or hybrid drive is one of the best storage answer for PS4, it doesn’t matter what mannequin you personal.

You’ll get a contemporary drive that implements the newest storage applied sciences and employs an SSD reminiscence to dramatically improve its general performance and surpass the quickest mechanical arduous drive out there, as a result of SSDs are recognized to be the fastest storage system ever in history.

So, you’ll get all of that in a single system and for an inexpensive worth. To us, we think about it a terrific deal, until you might have the enough finances to get an SSD as an alternative.