I paladini della giustizia Interviste Leopoldo II di Lorena Roberta Gatani Rossella Onorato

“The champions of justice”: the interview

The varsity manager and the academics of the IC Leopoldo II of Lorraine of Follonica (GR) along with Roberta Gatani and Rossella Onorato (click to enlarge)

by Patricia Ferreira and Guido di Gennaro

“The champions of justice” is the title of the brief movie with which the students of the main faculty Don Lorenzo Milani of Follonica (GR) participated in the national competitors “Follow the money, by Giovanni Falcone at the UN Convention in Palermo” announced by MIUR and by Falcone Foundation for Might 23rd.

We asked some questions to the important protagonists who allowed the students to win the first place at the nationwide degree: the academics, the head instructor, the technician.

Laura Bralia and Luciana Barraco – academics

How did the concept of ​​collaborating in the Falcone Foundation contest with a brief movie come about?

Laura Bralia (click on for the unique photograph)

A number of days earlier than the Christmas holidays – Laura Bralia responds enthusiastically -, Dr. Paola Brunello, Dean of the Leopold II Institute of Lorraine, sent me an e-mail relating to the proposal to take part in a contest promoted by the Falcone Foundation. Simply … “Can it be of interest?” These are his words.
I instantly learn the contents of the e-mail and my consideration was instantly captured by the word brief … among the many sorts of papers that might be introduced, that immediately ignited enthusiasm and a bit of insanity in me …

Luciana Barraco (click for the unique photograph)

I instantly had to share the concept with my legendary journey companion: the instructor Luciana Barraco. And of course, figuring out her, I used to be positive of her reply.
“Luciana, I'll make you a proposal. Do you know the book we read to children to explain the life of the judges Falcone and Borsellino? What do you say we start shooting a short film from that story? “
“Of course yes”.
These are his phrases.

No technical information, no expertise on the topic, no script already prepared: all the things had to be invented for the first time, but neither of them ever thought, not even for a moment, that we wouldn't have made it.

What difficulties have you encountered alongside the method? How long have you ever completed it?

The difficulties – the two academics proceed in unison – have not likely been lacking … first of all the flu virus which in flip has exterminated dozens of pupils, making it virtually inconceivable to do the rehearsals of the present having all the interpreters of the numerous scenes current on the stage. How somebody healed, others obtained sick … only the antibodies of the academics held up …

At the starting we wrote the script in about three afternoons of work.
We assessed the have to have 109 youngsters seem on the scene, each with a person or choral joke, all with very tight capturing occasions: in complete the brief had to last a most of five to six minutes.
In January the collection of the materials needed to make costumes and units started, all for free of charge. In this, the help of faculty collaborators, mother and father, uncles and grandparents was elementary. Inside fifteen days we collected and cataloged every part we would have liked … and much more, embraced by an sudden heat.

The actual drawback that arose from the starting was of a technical nature. In our complete inexperience, we thought of using our phones as cameras and mounting the video with a pre-installed program. However in apply, nothing went as it ought to because the audio was a real catastrophe: the youngsters's voices disappeared utterly in the capturing. At that moment we realized that we had entered a minefield, but we didn’t fall.

We requested for technical recommendation from the father of a scholar who works as a sound engineer for a world firm. And this was the first major breakthrough: Leonardo indeed gave us useful technical advice and offered us with knowledgeable microphone outfitted with a video digital camera, clearly on loan.
We have been already so completely satisfied, however that was only the beginning.
A pupil's grandfather knew about our technical difficulties and volunteered to assist us, introducing him who would then shoot and edit it without spending a dime: Mr. Domenico Fortunato.

From there the whole lot was fastened and in just two days we shot all the scenes. The checks lasted an entire month and a half. We thought of dividing the youngsters of the five courses equally into each scene; throughout recreation only the students concerned in the scene to be examined have been referred to as to act and so, from everyday, we went ahead until we thought they have been prepared.

At that time Domenico performed the elementary position of filming and modifying.
In mid-March the brief movie was ready to be despatched to the competition and we thought that the lovely expertise had ended like this.

What was the greatest second?

One of the best second was for both of us once we noticed our dream take form for the first time: the script, the sets, the music had turn into actuality because of the video of the first scene despatched by Domenico: Paolo Borsellino's family to dinner.

An indescribable emotion and lots of cries of emotion!
Like a toddler you have got longed for, whom you have got conceived and who see being born and develop before you, till he is ready to stroll alone in the world.
We felt so …

What would you wish to say to the academics, particularly the main faculty, who will learn this interview?

What do you advocate to different academics? In actuality we don’t consider we now have particular deserves or advice to offer. We merely believed absolutely in what we have been doing; we have been convinced of the instructional value of our undertaking and we didn’t cease at any problem.

What we did, we discovered by doing it.

The one factor we feel we will say, or quite to reiterate, is that this venture was the fruit of an ideal collaboration between many academics who trusted one another and who selected to share an extended journey together, a journey that’s only starting …

Paola Brunello – head instructor

Out of your level of view, what does it mean to have participated in the Falcone Foundation competitors and to have gained it?

Paola Brunello (click on for the unique photograph)

To speak of great satisfaction is clear. Nevertheless, I want to begin from the beginning and from every thing that allowed us to participate and win the competitors.

First of all, our college has decided to commit itself to the theme of legality, which has all the time accompanied us, differently, with higher pressure; beginning a path made of vital conferences – with the Casa di Paolo, with the escort agents, with the Agende Rosse motion – which allowed us to introduce college students and us adults to the nice work of Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, but above all to know that preventing towards the mafia, appearing inside the regulation means appearing every single day, always, in compliance with the guidelines, these of everyday life, to commit oneself to the maximum in our work whatever it is.

All that is accompanied by the incontrovertible fact that this exercise involved a whole school of academics and all the students of our institute.

The keenness of academics and college students meant that the risk of collaborating in the competition turned a actuality and the power of this dedication and enthusiasm, which was additionally added to that of families, led us to victory.

Definitely having gained this competitors has a unique flavor from another competitors: the assembly with the President of the Republic, with the President of the Council, with the Minister of Schooling, touring on the legality ship with hundreds of college students, getting into the the bunker classroom and visiting the places of Palermo was an unforgettable experience for the students and academics who went there in individual, but in addition for all of us.

What message would you give to other faculty leaders based mostly in your expertise this yr with the legality venture?

I don't consider there are messages to provide. I can say that first of all I’m very proud to work in a faculty with a reliable and committed educating physique. Definitely an excellent turning level was giving area to the meetings, to the comparability of experiences: all together we gave which means to the word “legality” going past the clichés.

Whether it is attainable I want to conclude with the words that the President of the Council has pronounced precisely in the bunker:
“The fight against the mafia is a battle of freedom, against those who suffocate consciences, against those who want to confuse truth with lies”.

Domenico Fortunato – capturing and modifying technician

How did you become involved in the challenge?

Domenico Fortunato (click on for the unique photograph)

That late February afternoon they rang at my door.

As I went down the stairs to go and open the hypotheses I superior they have been in the order: a joke by boys, spiritual propaganda, membership of the Purple Cross and the like. As an alternative the door opened, a relatively well-matched couple appeared earlier than me.

«Hi, I'm Fabio Carlini, Simona's father with whom you did Trescone last December. She is the instructor Laura Bralia of the Don Milani Main Faculty ».
“We would like to talk to you about a project for a few minutes.”
«All right, sit».

We talked about this and that and we received to know each other a bit higher … in truth we recognized ourselves better as a result of it emerged that 10 years earlier I had spent the final yr at the instructor's residence … which seemed like a well-known face, but I couldn't exchange! (And the gaffe is served!).

Then got here the time to talk about the undertaking.
The varsity had embarked on a coaching course on legality, in advantage of which conferences had been organized with personalities, police forces and numerous authorities throughout the faculty yr.

Laura made her debut: “A national competition has been launched on the subject of Falcone and Borsellino, legality and justice. It is a matter of producing documents to be presented to a regional jury that will select the best to present to the national selection ».
“Our project consists of a theatrical representation concerning the topical moments of the life of Falcone and Borsellino interpreted only by children”.

“Interesting, I think it's a good initiative,” I replied, “but what do I have to do with it?”

Laura: «Here … we want to movie the efficiency and produce it as elaborated for participation in the competitors. We don't know where to turn … We've seen the footage you made for the Trescone show and we expect you possibly can help us out. We’ve got developed a small script of about ten scenes on the life of the magistrates. Our price range is extremely restricted ».

Laura added that along with the script, she had made many scenic parts with the youngsters. My work had to consist of a resumption of the theatrical performance that passed off on stage suitably arrange for every scene, from a couple of totally different angles to be alternated appropriately in the modifying part.

At such requests the instinctive response is one of slight annoyance … when somebody tends to mortgage others' free time the preliminary impression is nearly by no means a pleasing feeling, especially if there’s little out there. Then the cause takes over with the evaluations of the usefulness you’ll be able to have for others and the profit you may give to people who want collaboration, particularly if it is required with such schooling, for such excessive functions and particularly if it considerations the formation of youngsters.

So after the initial three minutes during which I tried to convey out the difficulties that I might meet to participate in the venture, not least the scarce availability of time and the incontrovertible fact that I am solely a Passionist of the video sector, I discovered myself involved on this expertise. Fought between reluctance and enthusiasm, an concept was forming in my head, it was intriguing and virtually unconsciously absorbing me.

“Listen to me, Laura … filming from a distance is cold and detached,” I stated. “The space between the digital camera and the action induces detachment and distraction in the viewer, who is unlikely to be emotionally concerned in the improvement of the story. If we need to get your message across, we have to strategy the digital camera and insert it into the motion, we have now to tighten up as much as attainable on the youngsters to emphasize the deepest sentences, so the outcome ought to be higher. We will shoot the scenes in random order, taking them from totally different angles, then work on modifying. We’ll shoot a sort of brief film ».

He looked at me thoughtfully, then stated, “I trust you.” Do as you would like. “

This story began for me.

What was the working technique and what difficulties did you encounter in managing 109 small actors?

The following Monday morning, as an alternative of going to work, I launched myself to the essential corridor of the Don Milani faculty, giving rise to a new and completely private initiative referred to as “a feria for legality” … Curious but with the worry of under-skin to disappoint the group expectations.

The scene was already arrange and the classroom was full of youngsters, full of enthusiasm, but ordered of their actions.

I arrange the digital camera and the microphone with a sure slowness to overcome the initial hindrance, then the instructor Laura referred to as on the stage the members to the first scene to shoot, that of the police station.

Earlier than starting, I suggested the little actors not to take a look at me, nor at the digital camera, nor at the academics.

At first the youngsters didn’t feel snug with the digital camera too shut and continued to take a look at me whereas they have been appearing, however after a number of repetitions they began to not perceive me, as if I were not there … enhancing their interpretation repetition after repetition, scene after scene: I was not a stranger.

It was then the turn of the moments with the narrators. I suggested them to take a look at the digital camera, as a result of the impact would have resulted as if the character was chatting with the viewer: for sure, no one checked out me anymore! They looked at one another solely.

Utilizing a very delicate environmental microphone, there was a necessity for youngsters not concerned in the capturing scene to make the utmost silence: something the academics showed they knew tips on how to manage very properly based mostly on their experience, even when once in a while …

So we proceeded from one scene to another, from a change of surroundings to the subsequent, from the home of Falcone to that of Borsellino, up to the opening scene of the storyteller. It was during this recovery that at one level everyone started laughing and turning to my left I saw the instructor Luciana mendacity on the line of youngsters after having stumbled and fallen on them. All the time in this recovery Laura, who performed the donkey Rosalia, hit a headboard in the window body from which she faced, with common laughter!

Subsequently I passed to the modifying, or relatively the reordering of the scenes selecting the songs to be eliminated and people higher to protect, that I performed in solitude. The length of the film was fastened so that the occasions needed to be respected, but at the similar time the academics needed all the youngsters involved to see themselves in the film: to respect this bond was not straightforward. The academics recommended the music, from these songs I chosen the sequences that I thought-about to be the greatest and that the majority suited the pictures.

So for a couple of days, based mostly on the time and inspiration of the second, I mounted the scenes in no specific order. At the end of each I shared the outcome by sending it to Laura, who then turned it to the others.

The fifth scene I mounted corresponded to the last scene in the video. Within the piece of music used, I identified the specific sequence that is heard in the video and at the similar time the scene was created in the head as seen. Once assembled I checked out her and my eyes shone. That was the moment once I had the certainty that the message arrived clear and together with his hope. For a moment I also fantasized about the possibilities of profitable. Then I sent the scene to Laura who, by means of Messenger, replied: “Piangooo!”

What was the biggest satisfaction?

The victory of the Don Milani faculty came to my commotion, which gave me immense pleasure, because there was a chance for 2 academics and 4 youngsters to participate in the national demonstration held in the Palermo bunker;
as a result of, regardless of the nervousness of duplicating all the work every night to face any pc failure, I nonetheless loved working with these “wild” academics;
because in case your video is seen one thousand, ten thousand, then a whole lot of hundreds of occasions, then you will have the certainty that it doesn’t like only the jury that chosen it;
however above all as a result of we have been capable of package deal Falcone and Borsellino's message in a “container” accessible to all, child-proof, however not just for youngsters!

They usually, the youngsters, have been lucid and excellent, as only youngsters may be.

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